Wood router buying guide: what to look for?

Wood router buying guide: what to look for?

There are a whole ton of Wood Routers to choose from as it can be a lot confusing, and a bit intimidating if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into while picking one for your projects. So let’s get into it

Types of Wood Routers

For beginner novice woodworkers and veterans alike a wood router can be an essential some say The Fixed Base Router is the perfect tool for its ease of use and versatility. Need a router that demands straight edges or grooves for your first project? It can handle it with ease.

Fixed Base Routers are lighter than most Plunge Routers which gives them a nice upper hand in terms of ease of use which can come in handy if you are just a beginner and want to go on at your own pace.

Plunge Routers are next in line when it comes to ease of use and versatility, it seems to have struck a balance between the two if that makes sense. But this tool is more directed towards a semi-professional or an experienced woodworker, well that can explain the price tag it.

Types of Wood Routers

It tends to be more on the heavier side and more of a freehand type of tool rather than a tool that follows templates and used for cutting straight edges. As they can be used to cut mortises, stopped dados, and grooves and various other projects of such sorts easily.

Now we approach so-called the middle grounds Combo Router Kits can be a holy grail of sorts if you need to change bases frequently throughout your project. It offers the best of both worlds and costs relatively less if you would’ve bought two separate tools instead

At this age of automation, CNC Routers seem to be all the buzz, but they are sure to burn a hole into your pocket and are not so common but as mentions, they provide full automated cutting and routing. But they too can be very intimidating if you are not familiar with CAD(Computer-aided design)

Well, there is no such thing called the best router but some can fit in more comfortably according to your needs and demands.

Know your Niche  and Needs

A wood router being a versatile tool isn’t your magical genie in the workshop, being said there is no one size fits all solution.

Set your expectations accordingly if you are an amateur there is a certain market for you, on the other page if you are a pro you can find your own products and tools with your own judgment along with a bit of help here and there.

If you want to carve for your first project know the things in advance what are the things you need to do and have at your disposal, after a few successful projects under your belt you can experiment outside your comfort zone. Even if you don’t have the tools you can just rent them off instead of buying the tool yourself, hence you need to make a few mortise, cuts and deep grooves that is quite difficult with a fixed base router why would you buy the whole thing for just a few strokes?

Get Hands On

You looked up a tool that fits within your budget and meets your demands but you are unsure whether it’ll be the right choice for you what to do now?

Hit up a few groups or forums online chances are you’ll find someone with the tool that you can get some hands-on time, people of this similar passions are willing to help out you just have to reach out.

Even if you are facing difficulties with what to choose for what reach out or join woodworking classes or watch tutorials before you actually buy products for yourself, get familiar and then commit to purchase.

Final Thoughts

As I’ve said before it can be intimidating but doing a few quick types of research here and there will help you out a lot. Looking out beforehand one never regrets, hope the article helps you out and wish you luck on your upcoming projects.

Good Day.

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