How to Cut a Circle in Wood with a Wood Router?

How to Cut a Circle in Wood with a Wood Router?

With the help of something like a Router, you should chew right through things like this as you are not chiseling your way in an uneven manner you have the modern marvel of a Wood Router.

Things you are required to have

If you Have a Trammel

Maybe it the easiest thing in the world if you have, and will save a whole ton of time. If you don’t have it you can simply make it but it’d require its own article.

Determine the diameter of the circle that you want and attach the router at the head of the jig, you should have to trace on your work surface or the plywood.

The other end of the trammel should act like a pivot or a compass that sways from a fixed point, this is to ensure a perfect circle exactly like a compass that you used at your school days. To make this drill a hole according to your drill bit and add the pivot point which will be pegged into the center of the circle, you can use a simple screw or lightly hammer a nail.

Getting Circles out

Position your router in place and ensure the jig or trammel you are using is secure or not prioritize safety above everything when working with heavy machinery or power tools.

Your router should follow the traced out path and make sure there is nothing obscuring or will obscure the router’s path when it is operating.

When you are near to complete your circle’s circumference you should leave a few inches un-cut if you are using a frame to hold your surface in place, and manually saw off the hanging part.

Doing this will prevent any accidents or injuries, and if you are using a proper table you can do the whole thing with the router

Final Words

It is a quite easy thing to do if you a thing or two about working with wood or alike materials, hope you pull-off that project of yours

Have a good one!

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